Certificato prodotti biologici
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On the basis of the production process controls and activity management, the firm has obtained from BioAgriCert the licence:


operative office:     

kind of firm

control code


to declare that the products listed in this certificate are in compliance with the Organic Standards (EU Reg. 834/07 and following updating)

Condition to put products on the market:

a) prepacked products are identified by control code. They can be put on the market only after the approval of the label by BioAgriCert. Control code must be reported on the label and it allows to verify the Certificate on the web sites www.bioagricert.org and www.trasparente-check.com

b) not prepacked products must be accompanied by the original copy of the transaction document or, as an alternative, with conformity statements on sale documents.

This certificate is valid until all requirements of BioAgriCert's certification procedures are respected and the results of the inspections are conforming
The operator is responsible of putting products on the market and of the conformity statements.

Period of validity for all products from    to  
Control date   BioAgricert Manager