Certificato di conformitą

 Certificate of organic operation
Certificate N° / Review N°

BioAgriCert declares that:

operative office:    

kind of firm:

control code:


on the basis of the production process controls and activity management, the firm has obtained from BioAgriCert the licence to declare as Organic the products referred in the enclosure I of this certificate, according to the Nop-USDA organic standards;
The Operator is certified for the following Organic Operation Categories:


This certificate is only valid if the original copy and the related enclosure are present. It will be valid until
surrendered by the organic Operator or suspended or revoked according to USDA regulations 205.404 (c) Granting Certification and 205.405 Denial of Certification.
The certified part engages itself to remain in full compliance with the term and conditions of the USDA National Organic Program and all applicable standards and status.

Condition to bring products on the market:

a) Products having the authorization code are licensed to be sold to consumer. They can be put on the market only after the approval of the label by BioAgriCert. The authorization code must be reported on the label and it allows to verify the Certificate of conformity on these web sites: www.bioagricert.org and www.trasparente-check.com

b) products marked by the note 1 or 2 are authorized to be sold to other controlled Operators and they must be accompained by the original copy of the transaction document .
1 - the transaction document must be filled in by hand and the identification code of the transaction is the progressive number printed on the document;
2 - the transaction document must be filled by the computer and the identification code of the transaction is the alphanumeric code printed on the document.
The notification of transaction data to BioAgriCert and the Certificate of conformity can be verified on the web sites www.trasparente-check.com and www.bioagricert.org by typing in the identification code of the transaction reported on the document.

c) products having authorization code and marked by the note 1 or 2 are licensed to be sold both to consumer and to other controlled Operators.

The Operator is responsible about the put on market of the products and about the conformity declarations reported on labels and on transaction documents.

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